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Chris Hamlet has spent over 5 years serving in the United States Army as an Airborne Medic and Orthopedic Specialist. Hamlet is currently self-employed as a contract courier with multiple clients. He received his B.S. in Technical Management and Associate of Applied Science in Electronics and Computer Technology from DeVry University [5]. Hamlet was born in Phoenix and was raised in Globe, Arizona, however, he has resided in the school district for 17 years now [1].

Key Issues


Hamlet believes that the Mesa Public Schools should eliminate teaching practices of Critical Theory and its progeny such as Critical Race Theory or Critical Gender Theory alongside Social and Emotional Learning practices [3]. He is also in favor of the eradication of the Mesa Portrait of a Graduate, a program which Mesa Public Schools say is based on teaching ethical, inclusive, and resilient attitudes along with collaborative and communicative skills. Hamlet believes this program has no tangible education value and is only contributing to teaching about critical race theory [5].


When discussing how he would address teacher, education professionals and school nurse shortages, he says that he will perform an audit with the end goal of stopping unnecessary frivolous spending so that monies can be reallocated to teacher staffing. He hopes to attract quality personnel who have a passion for teaching children. Hamlet also denies claim of a nursing staff shortage in the district at this time [5].


In regards to how he believes the state should fund and support education, he said expanding school vouchers is important for the state to continue with as he believes it will create healthy competition and force the MPS Governing Board into a position to make changes and better decisions that would attract parents to enroll their children [5].


Another issue Hamlet believes to be one of the biggest impacting students is how schools are being involved in LGBTQIA+ support. He has expressed strong opposition against a transgender support plan which would allow children to shower in the locker room of the gender they identify with. He also believes that the AZDOE’s website providing “Q-Chat”, a way for queer students to seek support from LGBTQ+ Adults online contributes to the hyper-sexualization of children and should be immediately stopped. Hamlet stated that the issues of gender dysphoria and sexual orientation are private family issues that have no place in public schools and that children with gender dysphoria should not seek affirmation or guidance from their educators [5].


Hamlet has stated that he believes that the biggest issue impacting K-12 students in Arizona is the dress code. He believes that it is too relaxed and is contributing to the hyper-sexualization of children at schools [5]. He says he does not want to restore uniforms but wishes to have dress codes to be strictly enforced in schools [1].


East Valley Young Republicans; AZ MAGA; Dr. Paul Gosar, Congressman; Wendy Rogers, Arizona State Senator; Anthony Kern, Arizona State Representative; Russell Pearce, Arizona Senate President


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