Chris Taylor

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Chris Taylor graduated from Virginia Wesleyan University with a degree in Business Management in 2006. Taylor started a local smoothie cafe and expanded it to five different locations, 2 in Hampton and 3 in Virginia Beach. He has also worked on various projects from commercial real estate to non-profit volunteering. Specifically, he was a Regional Property Manager at Great Atlantic Management. He was also a public sector account manager at Dupont Sustainable Solutions. Since 2018, Taylor has been the Executive Director of the Heart of Compassion Partnerships. For over 5 years, Taylor has been a King’s Grant Recreational League basketball coach [1].

Key Issues


Taylor wants to encourage entrepreneurship through lowering taxes on businesses and providing more resources for startups. He looks to create workshops for people interested in starting businesses and help existing business owners expand [1].


Taylor wants to offer more resources and additional help for students, such as district-wide mentoring programs, and increase pre- and post-school programs. Taylor also wants to implement the use of global academic programs in Virginia Beach. He also hopes to expand the prevalence of apprenticeships and workforce development programs [1].

Public Safety

Taylor wants to bolster training for public services through increased funding. He wants to create lines of communication in public service. He wants to improve access to mental health services and increase awareness in schooling environments, among others [1].


Taylor looks to work on beach replenishment projects and increase communication with state and federal officials. He also wants to preserve historic trees and shorelines through increased public involvement and communication. Taylor also wants to find responses to sea level rise and coastal flooding [1].


Republican Party of Virginia Beach


1 Chris Taylor for VA Beach City Council
2 Republican Party of Virginia Beach
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