Chris V. Daniels

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Chris Daniels graduated from Georgian Court University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration [5]. Daniels has over 23 years of experience with Jersey Mikes. He is currently the Area Director and a multi-unit franchisee. Daniels owns 16 companies that employ over 200 employees [1, 5]. Daniels was appointed to the Bedford Country School Board in March 2022 when Martin Leamy resigned in January 2022. In February 2022, Daniels and two other finalists had to present their credentials and ideas to the school board, for the District 7 seat. The board voted 4-2 for Daniels to earn the seat [4].

Key Issues

Parental Involvement

Daniels wants parents to be involved in their children’s education. He believes public feedback is the best way to have actionable results [1].


Daniels wants to make up for the learning loss of the Covid-19 pandemic. He wants schools to focus on fundamentals. Daniels also wants children to be set up with the work ethic and skills needed to be successful [1].


Daniels wants to increase academic results. Additionally, Daniels hopes to improve facilities and teacher resources without increasing taxes. He wants to budget and spend the BCPS money on schools that have been neglected. Daniels supports full transparency and accountability surrounding the financial decisions that Bedford County Public Schools makes [1].


Daniels wants to provide better compensation and ensure that all teacher’s voices are heard. He also wants to provide teachers with resources, classroom tools, pay scales, benefits, and time management tools [1].


Bedford County Republican Committee; Bob Good, Congressman; Wendall Walker, Virginia Delegate; Morgan Griffth, Congressman; Bedford County GOP; Moms for Liberty; Middle Resolution; Chris Faraldi, Lynchburg City Council Member; Jeff Helgeson, Lynchburg City Council Member; Cheryl Facciani, Roanoke County School Board Member; Vicky Manning, Virginia Beach School Board Member at Large; Willie Deutsch, Former Prince William County School Board Member; Sherri Story, Suffolk City School Board Member; John Collick, Isle of Wight County School Board Member; Laura Hughes, Virginia Beach School Board Member; Dennis Barlow, Shenandoah School Board Member; Kip Parson, Russell County School Board Member; Bob Gibson, Russell County School Board Member


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