Christine Kalmbach

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Christine Kalmbach is a Licensed Professional Realtor for Keller Williams Platinum Houston [2]. Kalmbach is currently serving CFISD as a Bus Buddy and a Global Volunteer/Mentor in the district. Christine is involved in various organizations such as the Hearthstone Garden Club, New Heart of Texas Ministries, Houston’s First Baptist Church-Cypress. She has previously been a Republican Elections/Precinct Judge and Election Clerk [1].

Key Issues

School Safety

Christine Kalmbach prioritizes the maintaining of a secure learning environment for students, faculty, and visitors in educational settings. She emphasizes the implementation of a range of measures and protocols to address potential risks and threats effectively. Acknowledging the collaborative nature of ensuring school safety, Christine believes we must build trust and foster strong relationships among school authorities, educators, students, parents, law enforcement, and the broader community. Her vision for CFISD is to establish a security standard that prioritizes the well-being of students, teachers, and staff alike [1].

Parent Involvement

Christine Kalmbach believes in fostering open communication, trust, and respect among parents, teachers, community members, and the school board. She plans on emphasizing policies that prioritize educational standards, comprehensive teacher training, and data-driven assessment strategies to improve student outcomes [1].


Kalmbach emphasizes that teachers must have the necessary resources to set students for success in order to improve student outcomes [4].


Christine Kalmbach believes that students in the district should have the opportunity to become proficient readers. She plans on prioritizing teacher training, development, and research to facilitate effective reading instruction. By utilizing various assessments, she aims to evaluate students’ reading, vocabulary, and comprehension abilities. Additionally, Christine advocates for a science-based literacy approach to empower students with the fundamental skills needed to excel in all academic subjects [1]. She wants to eliminate culture wars and radical ideologies from classrooms as she says it will indoctrinate students. Kalmbach believes teachers should adhere to curriculum standards that emphasize critical thinking skills instead [4].


Texas State GOP; Texas Latino Conservatives; Harris County GOP; Cy-Fair for Liberty PAC; True Texas Project; Ted Cruz, US Senator; Tom Oliverson, Texas State Representative; Tom Ramsey, County Commissioner; Ted Heap, Harris County Constable; Natalie Blasingame, CFISD School Board Member; Scott Henry, CFISD School Board Member


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