Christine Labelle

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Labelle graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Elementary Education and Teaching. Currently, she is a Realtor and Team Lead at TeamLabelle and HomeSmart Realty since 2016. She is also a Real Estate Specialist at HomeStart since 2006 [3]. Previously, she worked 33 years with Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines [6]. Labelle is a volunteer at Paradise Valley Historical Advisory Committee. Lastly, she supports organizations for local animals, horse rescue, musicians, and veterans [1].

Key Issues


Labelle supports the preservation of the desert, mountain, and rural areas [1].

Public Safety

Labelle wants to ensure the police have resources and support to ensure a safe community [1]. She wants the town to implement new methods and technology to protect the safety and value of each neighborhood in the town. For example, Labelle wants to provide educational tactical information and resources for individuals to help shut down party houses [4].


Labelle supports using her experience as a class volunteer to strengthen the relationship between Scottsdale Unified and the Town of Paradise Valley [1]. She prioritizes relationships with schools and educators [4] to maintain the community and property value [1].


Labelle supports ordinances on short-term rentals and party houses through community action [1]. She supports maintaining one-acre lots and open spaces through zoning with no property taxes [4]. Labelle wants to prevent corporations like Pacaso [1] from commercializing the neighborhoods [6]. She supports cutting traffic in neighborhoods and infrastructure [1].


Labelle is fiscally conservative and supports no property taxes [6].


Labelle wants the town to listen to the community [1] and increase community involvement to protect the neighborhoods [4]. She supports using her experience on the Historical Advisory Committee [1] to prioritize the community’s needs over corporate interests [6]. Labelle supports expanding volunteer opportunities and other task forces to protect the town and its capital [1].


Anne Andeen; Ellen Andeen; Nancy Beets; Cindy Belt; Priscilla Bonnaci; Paula Bowman; Amy Carney; Bill Dougherty; Denise Reaves; Ruth & Brooks Hilliard; Julie Pace; Larry Pepe; Ellen Posner; Sue & Don Powell; Yulia and Aaron Rang; Eric Rinestone; Carrie Robinson; Thomas Nagel; Jennifer Nagel


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