Christopher Marte

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenager


Christopher Marte was born in the Lower East Side of New York City. While his family owned a local bodega, Marte attended local schools in his area. After his father’s business collapsed due to rent prices, Marte started seeing the issues in the area and decided to start taking action for change. As an adult, Marte would work in various career paths including managing for IBM’s retirement fund, a person on the Young Professionals Board of Defy Ventures (a position on which he helps formerly incarcerated people create new businesses), and as a worker at the New York State Director at Arena. Marte would later co-found two community gardens in NYCHA. Through his work there, he realized how many political officials rallied for money and influence than those who need the most help. With this, he decided to run for City Council in 2017. In a close election, Marte lost his first election.

Key Issues


As a City Council member, Marte will work to pass rezoning plans that don’t leave people/businesses displaced, increase affordable housing through negotiating for better deals and supporting affordable developments, fund NYCHA, defend more tenants that are being harassed and end homelessness through building more supportive housing/fighting for better wages. More can be read about his plan in the linked sources below.

Small Businesses

As a City Council member, Marte will work to pass the Small Business Job Survival Act (which will help small businesses have a better say in the lease negotiations process), give Union workers better protections (by allowing council workers to unionize and allowing construction workers to unionize), and overhaul small business services.

Environmental Reform/Climate Change

As a City Council member, Marte will work to create plans to that will help New Yorkers in the next climate crisis, advocate for more community gardens/open spaces, open more compost programs and invest in a fully electric bus fleet for the MTA and school buses.


To enhance the lives of the disabled of New York, Marte will work to introduce legislation that will make tenants of the disabled equipped with the things necessary to make residents comfortable, work to make transportation more accessible through funding to MTA and centers for the disabled, give financial assistance to parents of the disabled through direct outreach, work to increase the access to disability identification cards, and much more. More can be read on the link sources.


As Borough President, Marte will work to build more schools, include more diversity in schools, give more funding to social workers (instead of police officers), lower the ratio between teachers and students, fully fund the Summer Youth Employment Program and include more curriculum that is more beneficial and culturally relevant to all students.

Criminal Justice

As Borough President, Marte will work to close Rikers Island by 2026, take some money away from the NYPD to use in other avenues of life (schooling, health services, etc), encourage gun and weapon payback and host monthly meetings with the precincts to discuss crimes in the areas.


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