Christopher Thomas Morgan

Key Facts

Party Independent
Status Challenger


Christopher Morgan graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor’s in Business and Economics with an emphasis in Information Technology. Morgan is a former U.S. Army officer, board member of the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens’ Associations, Chair of the Environment & Recreation Committee, President of the Stratford Landing Citizens Association, technology software professional, and former small business owner [1, 3, 4, 5]. As a former US Army officer, Morgan served on the General Staff of the United States Army, Pacific, Fort Shafter, HI. As a former board member of the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens’ Associations, Morgan helped preserve the River Farm property and supported, advertised, and participated in the largest single invasive English Ivy Weed Warrior training ever conducted by National Park Service Rangers, and fought for effective policy to balance the rights of property owners with the preservation of wetlands and living shorelines [1].

Key Issues


Morgan plans to spend less tax money by forcing supervisors to focus on providing early Budget Guidance [1]. 


Morgan wants to focus more on student education rather than politics [1]. 



Morgan hopes to protect the environment while listening to citizens’ inputs on the laws [1, 3]. He believes that forcing private property owners to give up property to establish wetlands is unethical [1].


Morgan wants to relocate the homeless shelter further away from high schools or remove it [1].


Morgan hopes to improve the designs of roads; he has been skeptical of plans to install road diets and feels dissatisfied with results [1].


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