Chuck Bongiovanni

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Chuck Bongiovanni graduated from Arizona State University with a MSW in Administrative Social Work [1] and MBA in Marketing [9]. In 2020, Bongiovanni founded Majestic Residences Franchise Systems LLC, a senior residential care home franchise where he works as the CEO. Previously, he was the CEO and president of CarePatrol Franchise Systems[1], which helps families find senior housing options [9].

Bongiovanni served as the President of The National Placement and Referral Alliance, Traditions Health and Hospice board, and other non-profit boards [3]. Currently, he sits on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association [5]. In 2015, Bongiovanni received the Hospital Readmission Innovation Award.

Key Issues


Bongiovanni supports public/private partnerships to fund Gilbert’s museum, arts, and culture and to implement a TNR program to mitigate the number of stray cats [9].


Bongiovanni supports being transparent and responsible with government spending and tax revenue [3].

Public Safety

Bongiovanni supports providing tools–including a crime lab–for the Police Department [9].


Bongiovanni supports using rainwater, grey water, and recycled water to increase water reuse in the city [3].


Bongiovanni supports residential neighborhoods with multi-use zoning [7]. He supports attainable housing options [3] by opening the town to other developers who specialize in affordable housing projects [9]. He believes in having a balance of parks, residential, and commercial settings with the costs to taxpayers [3] and staying consistent with the Town’s Plan and Capital Improvement Plan for development and zoning [10].


Bongiovanni supports finding ways to increase civic engagement [3]. Previously, Bongiovanni started ChuckChats to increase communication with citizens which he hopes to add in the town government [9].


Bongiovanni intends to incorporate the Traffic Master Plan [8]. He wants to address transportation and traffic changes through the recent $550 million dollar bond [3]. Bongiovanni intends to focus on road repairs and ways to enhance traffic flow [10].


Bongiovanni supports multi-level collaborations and aims to work with local organizations to help local businesses grow [3]. He believes in turning focus away from the Ocotillo Bridge Project and onto road repairs and ways to increase traffic flow [10].


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