Cindy Couture

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Cindy Couture is a retired English teacher from Fountain Hills High School who is running for Fountain Hills Town Council. Having lived 18 years of her life in Fountain Hills, she has spent many hours speaking to students, parents, and grandparents about educational needs [1].

Key Issues


Couture aims to increase the contact that the Town Council has with the people of Fountain Hills by establishing quarterly town meetings and improving the town website [2].


Couture taught English at Fountain Hills High School for over a decade, and advocates for education [1].


Couture aims to keep development density reasonable and maintain and improve roads [2].


Couture advocates for the preservation and celebration of the natural environment, especially the preservation of Fountain Hills flora and fauna [2].


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1 Fountain Hills Times
2 Facebook