Collin Gunn

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Collin Gunn majored in political science and government at Northern Arizona University while simultaneously operating as a student groundskeeper [1, 2]. Gunn was previously a part-time gymnastics coach at the St. Louis Gym Centre from 2016 to 2018 in Missouri. Further, he was the District Field Organizer for the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, an intern for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and an organizing fellow for the Coconino County Democratic Party. He is an enrichment specialist for the Flagstaff Unified School District FACTS Program [2]. 

Gunn is currently a Rural Youth Committee Chair for the Legislative District 7 Democrats and a Youth Outreach Coordinator/Precinct Committee Member for the Coconino County Democratic Party. He is also a frequent Food Bank Volunteer at Rock Hill Ministries [2]. 

Key Issues


Gunn supports increased investments in green infrastructure to reduce carbon footprints and create a more sustainable city. He wants to promote renewable energy resources, reduce carbon emissions, and incentivize environmentally friendly businesses to increase job growth and strengthen the economy [1]. 



Gunn wants to preserve the existing affordable housing inventory and promote the development of new reasonably priced and accessible housing. He supports reforming city housing policies to ensure they do not discriminate against particular groups [1]. 


Gunn backs an open and transparent city council that gives constituents access to all city council proceedings and decisions. He wants citizens to be able to hold their city council accountable and know how taxpayer money is being used [1]. 


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1 Collin for Flagstaff
2 LinkedIn
3 City of Flagstaff