Corazon Foley

Key Facts

Party Independent
Status Challenger


Born and raised in the Philippines, Foley has worked to advocate for Asian Americans in the United States [2]. Foley led a Fairfax County Asian American History Project to educate Fairfax residents the efforts AAPI people made towards building this county. Foley has also written several books focused on her Filipino heritage [2].

As an activist, Corazon Foley has worked to serve her community. She is involved with several initiatives like the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) Project. This project aimed to create a senior center in the Burke/West Springfield area [2]. This project and many others helped Foley win the Changemaker Award during 2017’s Virginia Women in History Awards [1].

Key Issues


As a community activist, Foley wants the district to serve more for its inhabitants. Foley wants to include people of all age groups and backgrounds in the community [1].


Foley has worked in her community to protect the seniors in the area. Through past projects like the BWSSCWoW, Foley has demonstrated her passion for senior care and plans to extend this to community projects [1, 2].


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