Curtis D. Bethany III

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Bethany graduated from Thomas Nelson Community College with an associate’s degree and from Old Dominion University with a BA in accounting and finance. He is currently the financial manager at The Focus Center, a nonprofit serving Norfolk and Newport News, and was previously a financial advisor at Lions Bridge Financial Advisors [1, 4]. Bethany is also the vice chairman of the Newport News Human Rights Commission [2].

Key Issues


Bethany aims to support local businesses by making Newport News appeal to a larger workforce, which he believes will help businesses recruit skilled workers and diversify the tax base. He also supports a strong night-life economy to promote citizen security, employment, and tax revenue for local governments [2].


Bethany supports raises for teachers and greater funding for the school system [4].


Bethany seeks to invest in leisure and commercial initiatives in Newport News to boost citizen morale, increase tourism, and attract skilled workers to the city. He also seeks to revamp the downtown area [2, 4].

Public Safety

Bethany seeks to address poverty/gun violence-plagued neighborhoods by empowering people within the neighborhoods and creating a greater sense of community within them instead of making the city take charge of creating change in said neighborhoods [3, 4].


Bethany supports modernizing city hall processes and creating efficiencies [2].


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