Curtis Silwa

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenager


Sliwa was born in Brooklyn, NY, and graduated from Canarsie High School. Sliwa opened the first recycling center in Brooklyn at the age of 14 and worked as a paperboy for the New York Daily News. Sliwa was awarded the title of “Newsboy of the Year” by President Nixon. In 1979, Sliwa formed the “Magnificent 13,” a volunteer group focused on stopping crimes nonviolently on subways. Sliwa later created The Guardian Angels, another voluntary organization that utilized martial arts techniques to make legal citizen’s arrests. The Guardian Angels were later involved in a controversy, as Sliwa admitted that they staged subway rescues for publicity and falsely claimed that he was kidnapped by three off-duty officers. Sliwa announced his candidacy for mayor in March 2021.

Key Issues

Public Safety

Sliwa wants to restore all budget cuts to the New York Police Department and reopen shuttered anti-crime units. Sliwa has also proposed to increase the NYPD budget in order to combat the rise in gun violence. Additionally, Sliwa seeks to add more uniformed and uniformed NYPD and MTA officers to the subway system to stop crime and fare evasion. Finally, Sliwa wants to remove homeless people and those who are emotionally-disturbed from the subways and bring them to homeless shelters and psychiatric care facilities.


Sliwa plans on reforming NYC’s property tax system to make it more efficient and transparent. Sliwa wants to implement a 2% cap on NYC’s annual tax levy, value and assess all residential properties and new construction, and implement a comprehensive review of all properties receiving tax exemptions every 10 years and of the property tax system as a whole every 8 years. Additionally, Sliwa plans on eliminating university and Madison Square Harden’s tax privileges while providing a property tax deduction for seniors with income below $75,000. Sliwa hopes to create enough new tax revenue to refund the police department and provide relief to low- and middle- income residents.

Small Businesses

Sliwa wants to make it easier for lower- and middle-class residents to start their own businesses by eliminating many of the barriers. Sliwa plans on streamlining and imposing time limitations on the business permit and licensing process and creating a new small business loan program that will offer low-value loans to assist small businesses in neighborhoods that need it most. Sliwa also wants to revive and expand the NYC Business Express initiative and create an Entrepreneurs and Small Business Council to advise the mayor on how to maximize the efficacy of government-business partnerships.


As NY’s mayor, Silwa will work to have all kids have an equal access to good education. If elected, he would work to reopen NY schools, create smaller class sizes, increase after school programs, increase the amount of gifted/advance classes, expand vocational training, expand the number of school choices for families, and more.


To get NY better prepared of storm situations, Silwa would work to expand NYC’s drainage system (especially communities like the Bronx and Queens where they are known for inadaquete drainage), use tax credit programs to construct/retrofit buildings to make them flood/stormproof, implement a more accurate/timely flood warning system, and create more protective structures like bulkheads, seawalls, etc.


To make NYC subways safer, Silwa as mayor would work to add more undercover and uniformed cops in subways, make some police officers patrol subway cars while trains are en route, put the emotionally disturbed in subway systems in psychatric care and put the homeless in homeless shelters.


Brooklyn Republican Party; Staten Island Republican Party; John Catsimatidis, Businessman