Daby Carreras

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenager


Carreras is a lifelong East Harlemite and studied economics and engineering at Lehigh University. Carreras developed the non-profit BRANDO (Believe. Recovery. Awareness. Now. Diabetes. Obesity) Project and founded the Oscar Garcia-Rivera Republican Club and his own consulting company, Drain the Swamp LLC. Carreras previously ran to represent New York’s 68th District in the New York State Assembly and NYC’s 8th District in the New York City Council. Carreras has also previously served as the Vice President of the Manhattan Republican Party and currently works as a money manager in downtown Manhattan.

Key Issues


Carreras’ main goal is to fight corruption as NYC Comptroller through the use of audits and reports.


Carreras is against the closing of businesses in New York and the economy as a whole and wants to prioritize inclusivity when it comes to benefits to businesses.

Public Safety

Carreras wants to support the NYPD as comptroller in order to keep New York City safe.


Carreras wants to improve education at all levels, including vocational schools, and wants local businesses to be included in projects that give apprenticeships to high school students. Carreras also wants parents to have more of a say in the school process and wants to improve NYC’s high school graduation and college attendance rate.


Carreras states that he will “fight for better education, less crime, more local jobs, rent stabilization, helping the homeless move into housing, protecting Seniors and lowering New York State taxes” on his campaign website.


Manhattan Republican Party