Dane Amling

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Amling specifically works for at-risk communities such as seniors and disabled people. He has been vice president of a marine conservation group and volunteered with non-profits. In 2018, he ran for state representative of LD17 and has aided other campaigns since then. Dane Amling has been with his husband for almost 10 years.

Key Issues


He wants to take climate action and hold companies accountable for their environmental impacts. His plans to prioritize the environment include companies decreasing their impact by 10% a year, investing in renewable energy such as solar and wind, implementing single-use plastic bans, and starting volunteering programs to clean up communities. 


He supports increasing school funding, specifically for extracurricular activities and increasing teacher pay to strengthen our education system. His goals to decrease the financial burden of going to college on students include allowing high school graduates to attend Community Colleges for free.

Affordable housing

To combat the housing crisis, Amling wants to provide more funding and support to welfare programs and develop more affordable housing communities. 


Dane Amling supports providing D.A.C.A. recipients with immediate pathway to citizenship and make it easier for immigrants to come into the country legally to help the ongoing crisis. 


 He supports a “Medicare for all” plan and the federal legalization of medical marijuana.