Daniel Williamson

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Daniel Williamson has been the lead pastor of the Church of the Nations Flagstaff since 2007. He is the president of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association and served on the Flagstaff Commission for Diversity Awareness. He currently serves as chairman of the board for Teen Challenge of Arizona. Williamson also founded the New Horizons Christians Academy and the Northern Arizona Convent of Churches. Lastly, he coaches the Flagstaff High School baseball team [2].

Key Issues


Williamson wants to increase the amount of affordable housing in Flagstaff through a “shared community” in the city. Specifically, he wants to move students at Northern Arizona University into designated student housing to create area in neighborhoods and reduce rental costs. He also looks to equip organizations that work with the unsheltered with adequate resources to improve productivity and access to housing for the unsheltered [4].


Williamson wants to attract small businesses to Flagstaff. He seeks to facilitate the growth of this sector of the economy [4]. Williamson also supports discussions on the impact of a $17 minimum wage in Flagstaff [2].

Law Enforcement

Williamson wants to use the resources of the local government to support Flagstaff police and to maintain police budgets. Williamson wants to establish a regional training center for police to involve state of the art training and looks to attract and maintain law enforcement officers [4].


Williamson supports the expansion of public and multi-modal transportation in Flagstaff [2].


Williamson believes that COVID-19 protocols should be driven by shared responsibility and common sense rather than mandates. He currently is not opposed to mask mandates inside city facilities, such as the Jay Lively Activity Center [2].


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