Danielle Sandoval

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Sandoval is a former entrepreneur and paralegal. She previously served as ILWU Federated Auxiliary 8 President, ILWU Federated Auxiliaries Treasurer, and an ILWU Southern California District Council delegate. Sandoval also previously served as treasurer for the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, Harbor City Neighborhood Council President, and was the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate for six years [2].

Key Issues


Sandoval supports parks, the expansion of green spaces and recreation centers, and the improved appearance of the general community and its infrastructure. She wants to have the Bureau of Sanitation on call and expand the department to a 72-hour turnaround time. She wants to create revenue for the City through the immediate impoundment and sale of abandoned vehicles to pay for additional cleanup costs. Sandoval wants residents to have access to a publicly owned Wi-Fi broadband infrastructure [2]. Sandoval does not support trucking companies leasing near residential areas that are not zoned for their use [5].

Civil Rights

Sandoval is pro-union. She has previously spoke at the Port of L.A.’s Board of Harbor Commissioners against automation [2].



Sandoval wants to work with the City’s Youth Development Department for certification, apprenticeship programs, and training centers for youth. She supports resources being given in priority to women with children, military veterans, the disabled, and chronically unemployed. Sandoval wants to keep film and television production in Los Angeles by providing incentives, reducing red tape, and creating partnerships [2]. Previously, she authored a 2019 resolution to halt any and all automation with respect to APM terminals and conduct an economic analysis of the impact of automation on the Port of Los Angeles [5].


 Sandoval wants to distribute information and facts to the community about the oil industry. She wants to invest in clean vehicle technology and supports the unionization of green industries [2]. She wants to reduce the number of polluting diesel trucks going through residential areas and electrifying port equipment [4]. 


Sandoval supports LAUSD policies such as Community Schools. She previously walked the picket lines during the educator strike of 2019 [2].


Sandoval wants to create a Department of Public Transparency and Accountability to oversee taxpayers’ dollars and L.A. City operations. She also wants to incorporate and fund the Fraud Waste and Abuse Unit within the Office of Public Transparency and Accountability [2].


Sandoval wants to expand mental health and crisis support teams to provide aid for the homeless who want them. She wants to increase workforce development programs and single-family homes. She also supports Airbnb’s not consuming all the housing stock, the creation of a program to help apartment seekers with fees, and the use of trauma informed practices to keep peoples’ jobs and homes [2]. Sandoval supports R1 zones remaining R1 zones and wants to work with investors and property owners who live outside of Los Angeles to make sure such property is not abandoned [5].


Sandoval supports all undocumented people, DACA recipients, and TPS holders [2].

Public Safety

Sandoval supports de-escalation tactics and increased training for law enforcement [2].

Reproductive Rights

Sandoval does not support the overturning of Roe v Wade [3].


Sandoval supports elders having recreation centers, community engagement opportunities and resources such as public transportation [2].


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