Darla Trendler

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Non-incumbent


Darla Trendler graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology [3]. She runs a freelance editing business and a used car dealership, Red Mountain Motors. Trendler has been involved with volunteer work as a parent board member, parent board president, booster club vice president, and in her church youth group [1]. She also has a podcast called Spiritually Minded Women [2].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Trendler wants to increase funding for police officers to prevent understaffing and overworking of officers. For fire response times, she has suggested finding more funding for more stations [1].


Trendler wants to promote economic development while maintaining residents’ quality of life. She plans to collaborate to find a solution to promote sustainable and economical development [1].


Trendler plans to address the growing traffic in District 6 to decrease commute times and ensure quick response times for first responders [1] She also wants to provide more funding for parks and recreation to ensure youth have services closer to their homes [5].


Trendler supports Mesa’s current goal to reduce the city’s water usage by 5%. She wants to introduce more water conservation and energy efficient initiatives, especially for corporations [4].


Jenn Daniels, Former Gilbert Mayor
Marcus Ridgway, Founder of F6 Family Office and District 6 Resident
Junior Salima, Retired Mesa Police Officer and District 6 Resident
Lori Wood, Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board President


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