David A. Bowers

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


David A. Bowers earned his BA from Belmont Abbey College J.D. from Loyola University New Orleans. Bowers served as Mayor of Roanoke from 1992 to 2000 and 2008 to 2016. He is currently a general practice attorney [1]. In 2015, Bowers faced controversy after speaking out against the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Roanoke, and favorably compared it to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. He resigned the next year [2]. Bowers was called a white supremacist at an unspecified city council meeting in 2019, and was not defended by any of the City Council members [6].

Key Issues


Bowers has opposed government assistance to refugees. He previously spoke out against the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Roanoke [2]. He requested to temporarily ban Syrian refugees from Roanoke Valley in 2015, favorably comparing his decision to FDR’s decision to imprison Japanese Americans during World War II [5].

Gun Policy

Bowers has named gun violence one of his key issues in the upcoming City Council race [4].


Bowers considers further development of the city an important issue [4].


Bowers disapproves of Roanoke’s decision not to cut ties with its sister city in Russia, Pskov [4].


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