David C. Lowy

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election


David C. Lowy has lived in the Houston area for over 66 years, running in the mayoral election for the first time in 1981 [1,2]. Lowy has served as the publisher for 7 books, including two books of drawings that he created; his mother and father’s autobiography, and his wife’s novels [1].

Key Issues


Lowy intends to establish a program called “Home in the Dome” to allow homeless individuals to voice their concerns to the city government. He wants to utilize the Astrodome, which has been empty for many years, as a shelter for the homeless individuals in Houston [1].

Natural Disasters

Lowy intends to implement a city-wide extreme weather education policy, to disseminate information about heat, cold, flooding, and other extreme weather events [1].

Public Safety

Lowy wants to encourage the use of the hotline 311 by residents to report potholes, sunken streets, fallen trees, and broken water mains [1].


None found.


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