David H. Jenkins

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Jenkins received his bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary. After graduating, Jenkins joined the Army as an officer. Whilst in the military, he was a platoon leader and a company Executive Officer and Commander, and he was on staff at the Battalion, Brigade and Division levels. He then exited the military, becoming a home builder. Since 2018, Jenkins has served as a Newport News City Councilman, representing District 2 [1, 2].

Key Issues


Jenkins hopes to combat gang culture with “Achievement Culture” as a substitute. He encourages community mentorship programs [1].

Public Safety

Jenkins advocates for support of community organizations trying to reduce gun violence. He also wishes to expand the Shot Spotter program to high-violence areas [1].


Jenkins hopes to decrease the wait time for permits and inspections by the city. Furthermore, he hopes to expand skills and entrepreneurial training in and outside of schools [1].


Jenkins supports increased affordable housing in Newport News [1].


Jenkins hopes to increase broadband access [1].


Jenkins wishes to ensure further development of Riverview Farm Park. He hopes to protect the James River from bacteria and to protect seed oyster beds. Jenkins also promotes city buildings becoming more sustainable, if economically possible. Jenkins hopes to expand public transit, including free bus service. Finally, he hopes to work with coal companies to ensure more sustainable practices and promote green energy such as wind and solar energy [1, 4].


Jenkins hopes to increase funding for school counselors and fund safety measures in schools. To improve schools and their performance, he hopes to work for all schools to become fully accredited. Furthermore, he argues for funding to make sure teachers are paid, school buildings are repaired, and new constructions are pursued as needed. Finally, Jenkins promotes cooperation between teachers and parents and cooperation between the City Council and School Board [1, 4].


Jenkins wishes to increase transparency by allowing cameras into the Newport News City Council [5].


Jenkins is against charging event organizers for services provided by the city [6].


Newport News Democratic City Committee


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