David Perdue

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Perdue was born in Macon, Georgia and earned a degree in industrial engineering and a master’s in operations research from Georgia Tech. His political career includes his position as a United States senator from Georgia from 2015 to 2021. 
Perdue is also a business executive alongside his political career. He has held executive positions in large companies such as Sara Lee, Reebok, and Dollar General. Perdue first entered the U.S. Senate race in 2014. Although he did not have any political experience, his cousin Sonny Perdue was a former governor of Georgia. His campaign emphasizes using his business experience to achieve a balanced budget and tax reform.

Key Issues


Perdue believes that free enterprise is the key to national prosperity. He wants to cut government spending and eliminate failed government agencies. He supports Trump’s tax reform agenda, aiming to provide tax cuts and reforms to agricultural producers. Perdue emphasizes his support for a pro-market economy.

Foreign Policy

Perdue voted against blocking arm sales to Saudi Arabia in November 2020. Perdue believes in expanding foreign military presence, including increasing ground forces in Iran to support U.S. allies. He voted to disallow Palestine from joining ICC to threaten Israel.

Gun Control

Perdue supports the right to bear arms, and is in favor of background checks. He does oppose further gun restrictions, however on the grounds that America has ample gun laws currently.


Perdue supports school choice including private schools. Perdue does not support free tuition for students attending college. He supports locally overseen schooling. 


Perdue is pro-life. He has backed the ban on most abortions after six weeks, and believes human life begins at conception. He believes that pre-born human beings are protected under the 14th Amendment.


American Conservative Union (ACU), Americans For Prosperity Action, Associated General Contractors of America, Campaign for Working Families, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, Family Research Council (FRC) Action, Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Huck PAC, League of Southeastern Credit Unions, National Federation of Independent Business – Georgia, National Rifle Association (NRA), National Right to Life Committee, New Journey PAC, Republican Jewish Coalition, SEAL PAC, Senate Conservatives Fund, Susan B. Anthony List, and United States Chamber of Commerce








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