Dawn Benson

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Benson has lived in Dublin for over 23 years and is a member of the Cherokee Nation. For over 29 years, she has been working in the private water sector for a number of agencies, and has also worked in the private sector. She is a small business owner in the equestrian industry and works with the East Bay Municipal Utility District in Oakland. She is a former President of the Dublin San Ramon Services District Board and a former Chair of the Dublin Planning Commission. She has experience in leading the Dublin Historical Society and Dublin Arts Collective [2].

Key Issues


Benson believes in collaboration and forward thinking for a more safe and reliable water supply for the Tri-Valley. She wants to place focus on the drought, water supply, conservation, groundwater issues, quality and storage, and the EIR for the Delta Conveyance. She additionally strives to keep flood control a priority [5].


She wants to ensure the public is included in budget questions and decisions. She wants strong fiscal oversight and to increase transparency and communication with the public [5].


 Benson wants to continue educational programs about water conservation for families and schools [5].


Melissa Hernandez, Mayor, City of Dublin; Angela Ramirez-Holmes, President, Flood Control & Water Conservation, Zone 7; Committee to Elect Dawn Benson; The Independent News


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