Dawn Oliphant

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Dawn Oliphant earned a bachelor’s degree in Science, Business, Psychology and Human Relations from Eastern Oregon University in 1998. She graduated from Western International University with an MBA in 2001. She later graduated from Queen Creek’s Citizen Leadership Institute in 2010 [4][6]. Oliphant formerly worked for the city of Tempe, including in the Tempe Police Department, Tempe Municipal Court, and as a Senior Learning and Organizational Development Associate for the Tempe Learning Center. She also previously worked in sales, tax and licensing [1]. Oliphant is the business owner of Green QC Mom, a health and wellness online distributorship [8]. 

Oliphant serves on the Town Council Budget Committee and Economic Development Commission. She also represents the town in multiple organizations, including the Maricopa Association of Governments Economic Development Committee, League Neighborhoods, Sustainability and Quality of Life Committee, League Public Safety, Military Affairs, and Courts Committee [1][5].

Key Issues


Oliphant wants to improve the quality of roads, especially focusing on the older roads, and bring more parks to the area [3].

Public Safety

Oliphant supports the Firefighters and Police officers, and wants to bring more funding to public safety institutions for equipment and training.


Oliphant supports small businesses and wants to bring living wage jobs to Queen Creek [5]. 


Julia Wheatley, Queen Creek Council Member; Queen Creek Firefighters PAC; Matt McWilliams, Queen Creek Council Candidate; Bryan McClure, Queen Creek Council Candidate


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