Dianna Guzman

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Dianna Guzman graduated from the University of Phoenix where she earned her B.S. in Business Administration and Management. Guzman worked as a Business Ethics and Compliance Analyst for Raytheon for 22 years. Afterwards, she opened her own Event Designing and Planning firm where she has been self-employed for 15 years [2]. Guzman previously ran for the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 24 prior to suspending her candidacy before the election [4, 5].

Key Issues


Guzman wants to support small businesses by ensuring that they are minimally regulated by the government. She will also support all measures that contribute to providing new jobs for the people of Glendale [1].

Public Safety

Guzman supports all measures and budgets that will increase funding for firefighters and police officers in the city. She would also like to work with the Glendale Police Department to add additional measures to stop violent crime [1].


Guzman would like to prioritize there being no new sales taxes added for the people of Glendale [1].

Term Limits

Guzman has pledged her support for creating term limits for Congress [3].


Jerry Weiers, Glendale Mayor; Ray Malnar, Glendale Councilmember; Joyce Clark, Glendale Vice Mayor and Councilmember; Ian Hughes, Glendale Councilmember [1].


1 Guzman for Glendale City Council
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