Donald Huffines

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Donald Huffins graduated from the University of Texas, Austin in 1981 with a B.B.A. in Finance. In 1985, Huffines started the company Huffines Communities, which grew to be one of the largest real-estate developers in Dallas. In the 2017 legislative session, Huffins served on the Administration, Education, Intergovernmental Relations, Natural Resources and Economic Development, and Veteran Affairs and Border Security committees. He previously sponsored legislation on elective abortions (TX SB8), constitutionally dedicated revenue (TX SB9), and criminal justice (TX SB11).

Key Issues


Huffins wants to activate the entire National Guard (20,000 National Guard troops), Texas Military forces, and necessary state law enforcement personnel to enforce immigration laws and deport illegal immigrants. He also wants to complete the nearly 200 miles of wall that were planned or under construction when President Trump left office. He plans to use the Texas military to close the roads at the 25 bridges over the Rio Grande to all inbound commercial traffic to stop Mexican exports.


Huffins plans to phase out the property tax system entirely by placing a stronger cap on state spending and focusing funding on public schools. He also will ensure that consumption tax swaps are slow and gradual as property taxes fall significantly.

Election Integrity

Huffins advocates for purging voter rolls of illegal immigrants, deceased people, and other ineligible individuals. He also supports investigating and aggressively prosecuting voter fraud.


Huffins supports the ability of Texans to refuse vaccinations in all circumstances. He also plans to fight Medicare and other welfare programs within Texas. He wishes to direct the Texas Department of State Health Services to issue recommendations to empower doctors with greater liberty to treat patients and task the Texas Legislature with reforming CPS to ensure that fit parents and guardians are not targeted for the private medical and educational decisions that they make for their own children.


Huffins will prevent higher toll fees and end the increasing road debt left on Texas drivers. He plans to fight against the private road conglomerates that profit off of toll fines.


Huffins plans to ban mask mandates and vaccine passports for all public and private entities and prevent Texas employers from hiring or firing workers based on their vaccination status.



Don Huffins for Governor