Doreen Garlid

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Doreen Garlid graduated as president of Tempe Leadership XXXIV in 2017. She previously served on the Board of Directors for Newtown Community Development Corporation and Tempe Impacts Education (TIE) Foundation, as well as provided educational presentations on the Navajo people for over 45 years [1, 4]. Garlid currently serves as Tempe City Councilmember, and is the first Native American to do so. Garlid has served on over 15 boards throughout the community, including the National League of Cities Human Development Committee and the Human Services and Community Safety Council Committee. Doreen was awarded the City of Tempe 2020 MLK Diversity Award [2]. As a member of the military Navajo Nation, Garlid supports military and veteran families [1].

Key Issues


Garlid established CARE and HOPE call lines to inform the homeless of shelters she built and city updates. Through this, she successfully decreased the homeless population by 31% [2].


Garlid wants to renovate Tempe through Refresh Tempe, a system of industrial and environmental reforms throughout the city. Garlid has also worked to increase traffic safety by relaunching Vision Zero [1, 3].

Indigenous Rights

Garlid previously worked to give indigenous peoples land rights and acknowledge Indigenous People’s Day. She wants to recognize more land as indigenous and extend their rights [3]. 


Tempe Chamber of Commerce; Arizona List; Communications Workers of America Arizona State Council; Ruben Gallego, Arizona Congressman; Corey Woods, Mayor of Tempe; Mark Mitchell, former Mayor of Tempe; Berdetta Hodge, Tempe councilmember; Greg Stanton, Arizona Congressman; Hugh Hallman, former Mayor of Tempe; Neil Giuliano, former Mayor of Tempe; Arlene Chin, Tempe councilmember; Jim Lemmon, Tempe Elementary School Board Member [3, 5].


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