Douglas Nicholls

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Race Yuma Mayor
Status Incumbent


Douglas Nicholls graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering [2]. Nicholls owns the Core Engineering Group, PLLC in which he manages projects for his clients. He was previously the Co-Owner of Granite Surveying, LLC which worked with engineering groups. He has been Yuma’s Mayor for eight years [2]. Nicholls served on the Military Affairs Committee after Governor Doug Ducey appointed him. He is the treasurer of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Executive Committee. Nicholls was inducted into the Arizona State University Academy of Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame for the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment [5]. 

Key Issues


Nicholls wants to create jobs by creating an encouraging environment for the private sector. He supports the current tax structure and plans to maintain low taxes in future budgets [1]. 

Public Safety

Nicholls wants to provide safety through funding police and fire departments [1]. 


Nicholls wants to create civic pride in Yums. He has led initiatives including United For Yuma, Day of Unity, Committee Creations, and 4FrontED to strengthen the community [1]. 


Nicholls wants a more comprehensive border policy than the border wall or fence [7]. Nicholls has declared local emergencies due to an influx of migrants being released by border patrol. He wants state and federal resources to help with border issues [4]. During this influx in 2021, Nicholls asked President Biden to stop releasing migrants into Yuma due to the strain on Yuma’s public services and nonprofits [8]. 


John Lekan; Former Yuma Police Chief


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