Eileen Wright

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Eileen Wright graduated with a BS from the University of New Mexico [2]. She has previously served as a Cave Creek Town Council Member, having lost bids to run as mayor in 2018 and 2020 [3]. Wright is a retired teacher, sports fitness director, All-American Triathlete, and an owner and instructor for Desert Firearms Training Center [5].

Wright was the Vice Chairman of the Cave Creek Planning Commission and as Cave Creek Councilwoman from 2016–2018, introducing legislation like the Multi-Year Financial Management Plan, Drought Preparedness Plan, and others [2,4].

Key Issues


Wright supports reducing the town’s budget [6] and the town’s borrowing, spending, and legal expenses [2].


Wright supports a limited government without any property tax [2].


Wright wants to eliminate executive sessions that are unnecessary and allow citizens to publicly comment on agenda items [4]. She supports reinstating a Mayor/Vice Mayor workshop every Thursday and wants to send a monthly newsletter from the Mayor’s office to every resident [5].


Wright supports making changes that improve the rural low-density lifestyle [2]. She does not support large-parcel residential zoning and supports controlled growth [4].


Wright supports working with the Water Advisory Committee to work on issues with water [6]. She supports enforcing a water master plan and drought preparedness plan. Wright wants to seek alternative water resources such as the Salt River Project, etc [4]. During her time as Councilwoman, Wright worked on the Drought Preparedness Plan, Water Banking, and a Water Resource Guide [2].

Public Safety

Wright supports implementation of the Town Emergency Response Plan [6].


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