Eric Garcia

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Eric Garcia earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing a master’s in marriage and family therapy. Garcia is a disabled veteran who served in the Marines from 2005 to 2012. Garcia joined the Marines at age 17, where he served in the Signals Intelligence Unit and deployed to Iraq twice. During his service, he developed PTSD and Lupus. Garcia was born in Fresno and grew up in the Central Valley. He currently lives in Clovis with his wife, daughter, and two sons. 

Key Issues

Healthcare for All

Garcia wants to expand affordable healthcare access through Healthcare for All, a universal healthcare program based on single-payer public financing. Garcia also advocates for lowering prescription drug prices, increasing funding for mental health services, and increasing medical access in rural and underserved communities.


Garcia wants to support middle and working class families by providing aid to small and new businesses hurt by the ongoing pandemic. Garcia also advocates for increased infrastructure funding for communities like the CA 22nd to support transportation, water, and energy projects. 

Clean Drinking Water

Garcia wants to ensure that all families have access to clean drinking water. He advocates for providing funding so that communities can clean toxic groundwater.   

Environment and Climate

Garcia wants to address climate change by transitioning to renewable energy and supporting the Green New Deal. Garcia supports green energy sources such as solar, wind, and tidal power that would reduce pollution and improve air quality in the Central Valley.


Garcia wants to expand access to affordable and high quality K-12 and college education through fully funded pre-school and early-start programs, tuition-free community and public college, and canceling student loan debt. Garcia also supports increased funding for trade and apprenticeship programs. 

Immigrant Rights

Garcia supports an easier path to citizenship for immigrants without legal status that would protect DREAMers and keep families together. Garcia also advocates for reforming Visa and green card processes. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Garcia wants to end mass incarceration and police violence through criminal justice reforms such as banning private prisons, rolling back mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses, and increased accountability for police violence. 




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