Erik DeSean Barrett

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Erik DeSean Barrett is a lifelong resident of Norfolk. Barrett has organized walks on the Elizabeth River Trail, fitness initiatives at MacArthur Center, and activities within the senior communities. He has led programs in partnership with civic leaders in the past to engage youths, provide resources to low-income communities, and advocate for the sustainability of neighborhoods [1].

Barrett has been labeled as a Democrat under VPAP [3].

Key Issues


Barrett supports engagement in the community and wants to provide a space for all to feel welcome and participate. He wants to ensure everyone regardless of economic or social status is informed. Barrett supports art, creativity, and individual contribution to the community [1].


Barrett believes in spirituality and that everything stems from faith [1].

Reproductive Rights

Barrett is pro-choice [5].


Catalyst for Change


1 It’s EDB
2 Catalyst for Change
4 Facebook
5 Anchor