Ernie Bunch

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Ernie Bunch was first elected to the Cave Creek City Council in 2005 until 2017 as a councilmember and vice mayor. Since 2017, Bunch has served as the Cave Creek Mayor [2]. He has also worked in the manufacturingindustry for 46 years and is the president of B. Bunch Co. [5]. He also serves as a vice president on the Cave Creek Rodeo Days Board [1].

Key Issues


To combat the potential drought facing Arizona, Bunch is interested in promoting xeriscape and drip irrigation. He plans to continue to request that Rancho Manana Golf Course reline their ponds and remove turf that is not actually in play with good shots [4]. Bunch also wants to increase the interconnection with Phoenix’s water and provide the town with a backup water supply. He also wants to educate the public of ways to conserve [3].


Bunch wants to preserve the Town Core as the center of the City and wants to preserve the city’s heritage [4]. He also supports the Cave Creek Rodeo Days, which he believes to be integral to the town’s heritage [3].

Public Safety

Bunch prefers maintaining the contract with Daisy Mountain and their fire and medical services and believes there is no need to change this [3].


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