Farhana Shifa

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Farhana Shifa has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Dhaka and a bachelor’s degree in education from the National University of Bangladesh. She continued her education and in 2004, earned a masters degree in Mass Communication from the London Metropolitan University. In 2010, she earned a project management professional certification from the University of Phoenix [2]. 

Shifa has held numerous professional positions in her life, working in Dhaka, Bangladesh and later in Arizona. She has worked as a program manager in Dhaka and an enrollment counselor at University of Phoenix. Shifa has also held multiple positions in the art field, as an art teacher at StarShine Academy, and a docent at the Mesa Contemporary Arts. She is currently the owner and operator of Joy of Fine Arts [2]. 

Aside from the workforce, Shifa is active in the Arizona community, currently holding leadership positions in organizations such as the vice district governor for the Lions Club International. She is also active in multiple Asian cultural committees like the Chandler Asian Moon Festival Organizing Committee [1].

Key Issues


Shifa wants to maintain low taxes for the city of Chandler as well as ensure efficient use of tax money and budget. She believes in supporting small businesses in Chandler by developing relationships with store owners and encouraging startups. She also prioritizes helping technology companies in Chandler and would like to relocate businesses to the city to foster growth [1].

Public Safety

Shifa supports the local police and fire departments and wants to maintain a safe environment in Chandler with good roads [1]. She would like to work with local school districts to provide resource officers on all school campuses in Chandler [6]. 


Shifa wants to prioritize affordable housing and rent in Chandler. She would like to utilize the private sector to build additional houses, reposition public housing, and develop multi-use facilities to increase housing availability [6].


Shifa would like to revitalize specific areas of Chandler by replanning, improving the area, and maintaining adequate traffic flow and parking accessibility. She also wants to minimize negative impacts to existing neighborhoods from development projects [6].

Civil Rights

Shifa supports passing a Non-Discrimination Ordinance (NDO) if the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion assessment expresses a need for it [6].


Walt Blackman; Arizona State Representative; Kevin Hartke, Chandler Mayor; Rene Lopez, Chandler Councilmember; Terry Roe, Chandler Vice Mayor; Mark Steward, Chandler Councilmember


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