Fe Bencosme

Key Facts

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Fe Liza “Fe” Bencosme earned a BA in Speech Communication and Theatre from the University of the Virgin Islands and an MA in English from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia [2]. She has worked as a publicist for an international hotel corporation and as an educator [5]. Bencosme is a conservative commentator and author [3]. She is the author of You Are Not Your Race: Embracing Our Shared Humanity in a Chaotic Age [4].

Key Issues


Bencosme believes the school board should not be a taxing authority and aims to be fiscally conservative [2].


Bencosme believes that ugly history should be embraced and learned from but that it should not be a source of anger or animosity [7].

Parental Involvement

Bencosme advocates for parental rights in education and aims to ensure parents are always informed by policies enacted [2].


Bencosme believes the use of racial categorizations promotes racial divisions in society [3]. She believes humans’ true identity is as God’s creation instead [5]. Bencosme believes diversity, equity, and inclusion training makes people feel more anxious and vulnerable [5].


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