Felicia Moore

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Moore has a Bachelor of Arts in communication from Central State University, A Master of Science in Administration degree from Central Michigan University with a concentration in Public Administration. She is working as an associate real estate broker and leads her Neighborhood Association and Neighborhood Planning Unit. Moore joined the Atlanta City Council in 1997 and was a City Council member for District 9, serving for 20 years. She was later elected council president in 2017.

Key Issues

Public Safety

Moore has outlined three main changes she promises to implement for crime reduction. She expresses interest in finding a permanent police chief and recruiting more to join the police force. Moore has pushed for more law enforcement officers to be on patrol throughout Atlanta rather than complete administrative tasks, describing the measures as a way to strengthen protection in the streets. However, she also promotes steps to increase oversight and accountability through incentives for officers doing their job well and removal for those not contributing to protecting Atlanta.


Moore supports a higher minimum wage of $15 for all of Atlanta’s residents and mentions promoting the policy as mayor. She has promised to provide incentives to housing projects in order to increase the number of affordable units in Atlanta.


Moore has proposed a partnership between government officials and the Atlanta Public Schools system to collaborate on a “safety net” for marginalized children. She believes in developing programs that give opportunities and connections with the local government and private sector to students.



Atlanta Business Chronicle