Francisca Montoya

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Key Issues


Montoya believes that the school board should play a role in adopting a school curriculum that provides teaching and learning that reflects the needs of the diverse student population in the state of Arizona, considering that in 2012 students of color became the largest number of students in K-12 public schools [1]. To navigate through the increasing diversity of student population, Montoya says she will strive to implement policy using an equity lens in teaching, staffing, programs, and school operations [3].


In regards to the school district’s budget, she plans on prioritizing staff salaries, classroom learning, transportation, and maintenance of school buildings¬†[1].


Montoya believes that teachers and staff are in need of additional professional support to deal to deal with the multitude of issues they face with students struggling emotionally due to the pandemic. She also hopes to make education more accessible to English Language Learners of the district, as Fowler Elementary School District has a 30% English language learners population who struggle with academic performance. She believes that more needs to be done to provide support services for students to fill the learning gap [1].


To address teacher, education professionals and school nurse shortages, Montoya plans on continuing and supporting the district’s current practices. Currently, Fowler Elementary School District has had to recruit teachers from the Philippines and Mexico to meet the teacher shortages. They also currently have a partnership with the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse, in which they send their education majors to do their student teaching in our district, and some return to teaching upon graduation [3].


Francisca Montoya opposes the expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. Montoya believes that it is driving the limited state budget for public schools to subsidize the cost of private and parochial schools [1].


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