Gayle Earle

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Gayle Earle earned her associate’s degree in psychology. Earle has co-owned her pool service business, Crystal Clean Pool Service & Repair, for about 32 years. She has also served as an officer in the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association [1, 3]. Earle became a precinct committeewoman two years ago and was a poll worker and observer during the 2020 election [2].

Key Issues


Earle wants to allocate more of the budget towards repairing current and building future infrastructure. She believes that financial transparency towards residents and business owners is highly important [1].


Earle supports the implementation of an Economic Advisory Board to deal with the loss of small businesses. She hopes to reduce restrictions and regulations and make the town pro-business [1].

Public Safety

Earle hopes to place more proactive deputies on the road and increase law enforcement to reduce call response time [1].


No endorsements could be found.


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