Gaylon Caldwell

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Gaylon Caldwell has a degree from Texas Southern University in Emergency Management & Homeland Security. Caldwell is a graduate student at the University of Houston pursuing a Master of Public Administration & Public Policy degree [1]. Prior to being employed as an Emergency Management Specialist, Caldwell served as a volunteer firefighter/EMT and 911 telecommunicator [3].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Caldwell plans on enhancing security measures within Houston. As mayor, he will require businesses to apply for crime safety permits, which will fund additional police officers. He also wants to mandate the hiring of armed security or off-duty HPD officers during business hours in apartment complexes and in nuisance locations [2]. In his public safety plan for Houston, Caldwell outlines educating the youth on the dangers of firearms, monitoring parks through the establishment of the Park Police, and focusing on children’s safety [3].


Caldwell supports reform regarding mairjuana decriminalization. He advocates for a “Decline-to-Prosecute” policy as an equitable approach for marijuana decriminalization. Through this, he aims to eliminate arrests based on marijuana odor and presence, redirecting law enforcement resources to combat serious crimes. Further, he wants to address the systematic disparities that have stemmed from the War on Drugs [1].


Gaylon Caldwell hopes to strengthen Houston’s economy by investing in Downtown Houston. He believes that a city’s downtown is a key indicator of social and economic position, and hopes to see Houston’s downtown lined with food, entertainment, and other events [2].


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