Gene Orrico

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Gene Orrico received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from DePaul University and earned an M.A. in Business [3, 5]. Orrico served on the Town Council from 2015 to 2020 [1]. He is the current vice-president of the Carefree/Cave Creek Italian American Club and treasurer of the Carefree Shadows HOA [5]. Orrico volunteers at Kiwanis Club of Carefree and has served as President and other roles in this organization [1]. He has been a certified teacher to special needs children for seven years, as well as an insurance and real estate broker for 24 years [5].

Key Issues


Gene Orrico believes in maintaining Carefree’s status as a local and guest-friendly town with mom-and-pop stores that give the people what they want [4]. Orrico believes in maintaining the natural diversity of restaurants within Carefree [4]. He also does not want to allow large high-rise buildings [5].


Orrico is against blocking streets for festivals and wants them to be hosted out of the way at the gardens in order to maintain small business profits and sales tax revenue [5].


Orrico is against the town center revitalization project [5].


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