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Georgia Provost graduated from Texas Southern University with a BS in Photography from the School of Technology in 1978 [1, 3]. She further pursued advanced studies at the University of Houston, Rice University, Winona National School of Professional Photographers, Intercollegiate Press and Associated Professors [3]. Provost has been the President and CEO of Provost Studios, a Texan professional photography company, since 1960 [1, 3]. In the past, she and Dr. James Robinson sued Governor George Bush and the State of Texas for OCR (Office of Civil Rights) funds, and with the help of attorney Alvin O. Chambliss Jr., they were successful in obtaining $200 million for Prairie View and $200 million for Texas Southern over a twenty-year period [3]. 

Provost has been involved in several community efforts, such as assisting as a Field Operations Manager for the Gulf Coast Community Service Association, serving as the President Emeritus of the Rotary Club of Hermann Park, and becoming a Community Relations Director for the Houston Forward Times Newspaper. Among several awards and accolades, she has won 15 Living Legend Awards, 30 Business Woman Of The Year Awards, 25 Exemplary Community Service Awards, 25 Youth Leadership Awards, and 75 Community Leadership and Community Volunteer Awards [3].

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