Gilbert Garcia

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Gilbert Garcia earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University in 1985 [4]. Garcia currently works as Managing Partner of Garcia Hamilton & Associates, which he joined in 2002 [1]. He also serves as Treasurer of the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, where he has been a member since 1987 [3]. Garcia has earned multiple business management awards since 2010, the most recent being the Houston Business Journal Diversity Champion Award, which he received in 2021.

Key Issues

Law Enforcement

Garcia would like to invest in training and resources to aid the police force in improving Houston’s safety [1]. He has stated that the law enforcement budget is tight and instead of hiring a large number of officers, he would like to hire civillians to do administration work to allow police officers to focus more on civillian protection. Garcia would also like to fix the lighting in areas of the city with poor lighting, which he believes will decrease crime and allow firefighters to get to fires quicker [5]. 


Garcia would like to prioritize removing corruption from city governments [1].


Garcia supports cleaning up streets and stopping illegal dumping to provide a clean and safe public space [1].


Garcia has stated that while there are many priorities as mayor, he will focus on permanently fixing potholes on roads rather than patching them up, which he sees as a temporary solution [5].


Garcia would like to bolster support for small businesses and bring major companies to Houston to provide more jobs [1].


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