Ginny Gonzalez

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Ginny Gonzalez attended the University of Southern Mississippi, Golden Gate University, Ole Miss Law School, and Jackson School of Law [4]. She has undergraduate degrees in social studies and accounting, and she obtained three Master’s degrees during her education: one in Accounting, a second in Federal Tax, and a third in Financial Planning. She has 37 years of experience in accounting and auditing. She is a retired IRS agent and a former professor of Tax and Accounting [1]. Gonzalez is currently a self-employed accountant as well as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) [3].

Key Issues


Gonzalez wants to increase funding for social programs and affordable housing. She supports pushing for more city, county, state and federal grants, loans and programs for District 9 businesses that closed during the pandemic to help them reopen. She opposes spending on the Queen Mary, and wants to reduce spending on cases defending police unions [3].


Gonzalez wants to aid local and small businesses that were hurt by the pandemic. She wants to audit Long Beach’s finances to ensure tax dollars are spent effectively and efficiently, and wants to increase available financial support for businesses and families. She supports new businesses seeking to come to Long Beach [3].


Gonzalez supports increasing the number of rooftop solar panels. She wants to monetize pollution damage to reduce the power of major polluters and prevent pollution from increasing [5]. 


Gonzalez wants to create more walkable and safer neighborhoods [3].


Gonzalez wants to decrease cost of living, prioritize affordable housing and maintain mandates to prevent eviction. She supports adding affordable units in all future housing through public housing projects, upgrades, renovations and homeowners adding additional units on their property. She wants to increase cost-effective living by eliminating parking minimums and encouraging manufactured homes [3].


Gonzalez wants to increase the number of homeless shelters via the purchase/lease of buildings, apartment complexes, and multiple-room homes and subsequently converting, renovating, or upgrading them for use as homeless shelters. Gonzalez wants to limit regulations and rules to address the reluctance of homeless individuals to accept permanent and temporary living. She supports The Star Development Project [3]. 

Law Enforcement

Gonzalez wants to address corruption among police officers and improve trust between communities and the Long Beach Police Department. She wants to limit the power of the police union and reduce the amount of public funds spent defending the police union in court [4]. She does not support the Citizen Police Complaint Commission [5]. 

Public Safety

Gonzalez supports increasing community policing with the Long Beach Police Department. She wants to maintain baseline funding for police and fire services, but supports diverting funds from public safety departments to social programs and affordable housing when necessary [3].




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