Gloria Evangelista

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Gloria Evangelista graduated from San Diego State University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition. Since 2009, Evangelista has been a dietitian at Fresenius Medical Care [4]. Evangelista advanced from the primary on June 7, 2022, after collecting 21.6% of the vote [1].

Key Issues


Evangelista wants to bring in businesses and community events that promote health and quality of life for residents. She wants to collaborate with faith-based and non-profit organizations and supports the police. She wants to preserve the uniqueness and diversity of District 4 [1]. 


Evangelista supports well-paved roads, walkable sidewalks, streetscaping, cleanup, and safe parks [1]. Evangelista wants to increase funding to communities south of Interstate 8. She also hopes to “fine-tune” the Climate Equity Index to assess areas that need greater investment.



Evangelista wants to prevent gentrification in San Diego. Additionally, she wants to use renewable energy in utilities [1]. However, she believes that relying solely on solar and wind energy is too costly and hopes to reduce the price of gasoline and utilities. She also wants to implement tax breaks for first time home buyers and impose additional taxes on profits from houses resold within three years [5].


Evangelista supports lower taxes and a lower government budget [1].


Evangelista wants to implement tax incentives for businesses to invest in communities south of Interstate 8. She hopes to replicate the model of the federal Opportunity Zones Initiative [5].


Evangelista believes the current climate action plan does not have accountability or communication regarding its progress. She hopes to provide an official cost estimation to assist with budgeting. Within the current plan, she supports the establishment of the Climate Equity Index, the Urban Forestry Program to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and the Zero Waste Program [5].


Evangelista believes the removal of religion from education is a contributing factor to rising crime. She considers the roots of America’s founding to be Judeo-Christian [5]. 


Evangelista hopes to lift COVID-19 restrictions, especially for young people [5].

Law Enforcement

Evangelista supports the actions of the San Diego Police Department, and hopes to maintain the police budget. She hopes to find ways to improve goodwill towards the police [5].


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