Gregory Hodge

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Gregory Hodge holds a B.A. in Psychology from Northwestern University in 1982 and received a J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law in 1985. He is the owner and Principal Consultant of Khepera Consulting and a consultant for ABFE, a philanthropic network for black communities. He has served as CNO for the Brotherhood of Elders Network for 7 years, as the Executive Director for the Men and Boys of Color Initiative for 13 years, and as Board Chair of the Rockwood Leadership Institute 14 years. He has also worked with Safe Passages and Urban Stratagies Council, California Tomorrow, and the African American Response Circle Fund. He has served as the lead Minister for the Wo’se Community, an African spiritual community and school, for 24 years [1, 2]. Hodge served on the Oakland Unified School District Board for 8 years and was the Board President for 2 years [6].

Hodge lives in Oakland and has five children and one grandchild [2].

Key Issues


Hodge wants to create a green tech hub in Oakland and partner with organizations such as the Port of Oakland to increase job training and employment opportunities. He supports creating a public bank, establishing local cryptocurrency, building an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District, and using state and federal funding to rebuild small businesses. He wants to expand job opportunities for women and BIPOC and increase job opportunities in the arts [2].



Hodge wants to conduct an equity assessment and an independent financial audit to ensure that the needs of families in the community are being met by schools. He wants to connect city and county resources to improve school neighborhood conditions and provide opportunities for parents and students to voice their opinions at a city-wide education summit [2]. He wants to increase arts education in schools [6]. 


Public Safety

Hodge wants to fully implement the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO) and supports guaranteeing full funding for Oakland’s Department of Violence program. He wants to promote city beautification efforts including extensive art festivals and special art installations [2].



Hodge wants to work with local partners to bring more affordable housing to Oakland, turn blight properties into new homes, and expand down payment assistance [2]. He wants to strengthen Just Cause Eviction policies, reinstate the city’s mortgage assistance program, cap rent increases at 3%, and increase tenant protections [6]. 



Hodge wants to partner with Alameda County to provide accessible mental health and substance abuse treatment. He wants to revise the Encampment Management Policy to ensure that homeless individuals are given reasonable notice and support for moving and storing belongings and finding new shelter [6]. 



Hodge wants to provide spaces for wellness and arts programs, and wants to collaborate with healing practitioners and community-based organizations to promote arts such as music and spoken-word poetry. He wants to partner with the Arts Commission and other groups to create an Art Summit to promote public art in Oakland. He wants to increase awareness of cultural traditions and generational trauma [2].

Gun Policy

Hodge supports passing gun reform laws and removing ‘ghost’ guns from communities [3].



Hodge wants to repair streets and expand beautification efforts such as enforcing illegal dumping laws [6]. 



Angela Blackwell, Public Policy Advocate; Arnold Perkins, Philanthropist, Brotherhood of Elders Network; Bernida Reagan, Public Policy Advocate; Dr. Fred Blackwell, Orthopedic Surgeon; George Galvis, Social Justice Activist; Hector Sanchez-Flores, Non-Profit Executive; James Head, Non-Profit Executive; Hoe Brooks, Board Member – Brotherhood of Elders Network; Keba Konte, Founder of Red Bay Coffee; Rev. Liza Rankow, Social Justice Activist; Margaret Gordon, Environmental Justice Activist, Neighborhood Leader; Morgan Simon, Impact Investor; Paul Cobb, Community Newspaper Publisher; Robert Phillips, Philanthropist, Non-Profit Executive, Brotherhood of Elders Network; Dr. Robert Ross, Philanthropic Leader; Sean Tanner, Community Organizer, Organizational Development Consultant; Sun Lubeck, Community Organizer, Organizational Development Consultant; Walter Riley, Civil Rights Lawyer; Deen Hassan, Social Justice Activist; Jane Lee, Organizational Consultant; Kevin Butler, Social Media Consultant; Kisha Grove, Human Resources Professional; Kweli Titashinda, Chiropractor, Author, Brotherhood of Elders Network; Lauren Grau, Marketing Professional; Mamie Chow, Licensed Acupuncturist; Nedra Ginwright, Chief Flourish Officer, Flourish Agenda; Rodney Brooks, Civil Servant; Dr. Shawn Ginwright, Professor, San Francisco State University; Courtney Jones, East Oakland resident, Emerge Alumni; Gay Plair Cobb, Former Alameda County Board of Education Member; Senator Josh Becker, Senate, District 13, California Senate; Patricia Wells, Affordable Housing Advocate; Surlene Grant, Former City Council Member, San Leandro; Tony Thurmond, California Superintendent of Public Instruction; Carrie Mae Weems, Image Maker; Chinaka Hodge, Poet, Playwright; Chukwudi Hodge, Professional Musician; Daveed Diggs, Award Winning Actor, Rapper, Activist; Jenn Johns, Artist; Mosheh Milon, Cultural Artist; Mush Lee, Youth Development and Arts Leader; Ryan Nicole, Actor, Writer, Emcee


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