Harold Earl Sims, Jr.

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Harold Earl Sims, Jr. graduated from Kaplan University and Payne Theological Seminary [6]. Sims is a father, a pastor and a certified law enforcement officer, youth mentor, and a product of public school education [5]. As a division first sergeant, Sims managed the security of the judicial branch of government, as well as the professional development and accountability of division supervisors and deputies. As an experienced adjunct instructor at the Prince William County Public Safety Training Academy, he has taught new law officers [2].

Key Issues

School Safety

Sims hopes to combat the opioid epidemic by advocating for more support staff and to create a dedicated treatment facility. Sims also hopes to break the school to prison pipeline. Sims hopes to increase the number of counselors at schools [2, 5].


Sims hopes to increase teacher pay. Sims also supports collective bargaining and hopes to decrease class sizes by hiring more teachers [2, 5].


Sims hopes to increase diversity by increasing support for academy programs and strengthening pipelines between Mount Vernon Pyramid and projects such as Workforce Innovation Skills Hub [2, 5].


Sims hopes to increase English language instruction. In addition, he hopes to maintain a robust and accessible SACC (School Age Child Care) program. Sims hopes to help alleviate the lunch debt that students face [2, 5].


Willie Bailey, Alexandria School Board Member; Sean Perryman, Former Fairfax County NAACP President; Shirley Gwinright, Former Fairfax County NAACP President; Sherry Nachani, Former PTSA President; Yolanda Thompson, Community Leader and Youth Mentor


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