Harold Lowe

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Harold Lowe received a B.A. in African American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and an M.A. in Public Administration from California State University, East Bay. He is the Business Development Manager for Lowe Consulting Group, a Consultant for FORUS-EVERGREEN, and a Financial Planner for Frontier Wealth Strategies. He previously served as Executive Director for the National Association of Minority Contractors. He is a Board Member of Rotary International and Board Chair for the Oakland Lacrosse Club [1, 4].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Lowe wants to increase the size of the Oakland police force, collaborate with neighborhood crime prevention groups and rebuild trust between police and the community. He also wants to enforce existing laws and look to innovative, community-based methods to prevent criminal activity [2].


Lowe wants to enhance Oakland’s four underdeveloped economic sectors to create growth. These include the arts and entertainment, the Port of Oakland, the healthcare industry, and local business owners. He wants to recruit businesses to Oakland by assessing regulations which hamper growth. Additionally, he would like to invest and support companies that provide job opportunities and job training, especially to underserved communities [2].


Lowe wants to utilize existing government properties for the unhoused, limit open occupation and use, redirect housing to sustainable locations, and create pathways to renting. He would like to work with neighboring cities and counties on a regional plan to support mixed-use housing projects, lower Impact fees and remove unjust barriers for creation of ADUs and new units [2]. He wants all housing developments to include 20-25% affordable housing [6]. 


Lowe wants to expand collaborations with local sports and youth organization providers and provide facility and financial incentives to youth-related businesses. He also wants greater investment in Parks and Recreation and wants to create more accessible family friendly spaces such as dog parks [2]. Lowe wants to increase ethnic-racial diversity among city council staff [6]. 


Lowe wants to focus on comprehensive repair that includes projects such as a volunteer tree program, citywide public bathrooms, and trash recycling. He wants to create a public transit system which supports access for pedestrians and bike riders, as well as create a linked walking/biking trail through urban Oakland [2].


Lowe wants to use existing government buildings to provide housing for homeless individuals and to implement regulations for where homeless individuals can live. He wants the state of CA to provide mental health treatment facilities [6]. 


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