Heather N. Beardsley

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Heather N. Beardsley has been involved in community service initiatives around Hamilton, serving both on the PTA of Hamilton Elementary School and as president of the Hamilton Volunteer Rescue Auxiliary Board [2,3]. 

In addition to community service, Bearsley is the owner of Handmade in Hamilton, a small business that makes customized products. She works full-time in the software industry as an accountant [3].

Key Issues


Beardsley supports a strong connection in community leadership [3].

Public Safety

Beardsley advocates for pedestrian safety and traffic measures. Pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures is Beardsley’s top priority for the community [2].


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1 Virginia Department of Elections
2 Loudoun Times
3 Loudoun Now