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Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Born and raised in Bixby Knolls and Cal Heights, Ian Patton attended Long Beach Public schools and received a History degree from UC Berkeley. He is a rental housing provider, continuing the business his immigrant grandfather started. Patton got involved with public policy while volunteering for late senator/assemblywoman Betty Karnette and working in the local district office of a US Congressmember after college. He worked part-time as a political consultant, manager/investor in rental property, and most recently as a pro-bono political advisor for local activism. He is the volunteer executive director and co-founder of the Long Beach Reform Coalition, which focuses on increasing City Hall resident responsiveness, transparency, and accountability. He also serves/has served as a board member of the Riverpark Coalition, Historical Society of Long Beach, and is an active member of different service and environmental organizations (ex: Rotary, Sierra Club) [3].

Key Issues


Patton believes an emergency moratorium on the Measure A sales tax needs to be established as he believes it is killing small businesses. He also wants to see staff employed specifically to help start-up entrepreneurs. He believes that auditing and analyzing city finances will help increase budgetary flexibility to address residual pandemic needs, including assistance for small businesses and disabled/elderly individuals [3].


Patton views homelessness in Long Beach as a public health and safety crisis. If elected, he intends to work towards selling off and relocating the city’s Multi-Service Center (MSC) and new City shelter, making them open and accessible 24-hours a day, increase services provided, and provide these improvements alongside enforcing the city’s Anti-Camping ordinance and other relevant ordinances. He proposes forming a regional joint powers authority for capital investment and grant dollars dissemination; he believes this will help the city coordinate planning, siting, and distribution of homelessness service funds and standardize anti-camping enforcement across the region. Other specific solutions Patton is interested in include creating a Homelessness Crisis Teams bureau staffed with dedicated units and processing annual homeless count figures through an independent expert firm (Homeless Information Management System) [3].


In order to protect affordable, traditional housing in LB, Patton believes the city needs to establish a protective regulatory ordinance, join the Redondo Beach/Torrance/Carson lawsuit against SB9, and support Our Neighborhood Voices signature drive to amend the state constitution. He believes in defending mom & pop housing providers and pushing back against regulations intended to displace tenants and bring in corporate developers. Patton does not support rent control policies as he thinks they lead to management chaos and eventual working class displacement, and believes that all moves toward anti-housing provider regulations must be opposed. He also believes that SB10 must be resisted and supports single family zoned blocks [3].

Public Safety

Patton supports a eight-pronged approach to restoring Long Beach Police: increasing the minimum per capita police deployed force level to the LAPD level, increase training and hiring standards, adopt the Community-Oriented Policing model and exercise the Broken Windows Theory, reduce overtime abuse, restore the Field Anti-Gang Unit, reinstitute robust traffic enforcement, empower a true citizens Police Commission (with the ability to hire/fire an inspector general and review department operations), and conduct a competitive analysis of all public safety personnel contracts [3].


Patton believes in conducting an external assessment and comparative performance review, utilizing a national-recognized municipal government consulting firm to analyze every operation conducted by the city. This goes hand-in-hand with his belief in overhauling the budget and bringing in experts to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in local government [3].


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