Jackie Hope Glass

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Incumbent


Glass graduated from Southern Illinois University in 2008 with a BS in workforce education and enlisted in the Navy in 2006. Glass worked as an information operation specialist and retired in 2013 as a Leading Petty Officer, before transferring to a career in private entrepreneurship and online marketing. Glass is also an ambassador for the United State of Women, a national women’s empowerment organization, and works as a Chief Ecosystems Officer with Learnch LLC, a small-business consulting firm [1, 6].

Glass ran for election to Norfolk Public School Board in 2018 and was elected to represent Virginia’s 93rd District in the House of Delegates in 2022. Glass currently works on the House Privileges and Elections and Communications, Technology, and Innovation committees [1, 3, 6].

Key Issues


Glass wants to develop an economy that is attractive to young and dynamic entrepreneurs and supports continuous investment into diverse sectors of coastal Virginia. Glass is also committed to promoting crime-averting communities through investment [1].


Glass wants to protect coastal Virginians through the development of infrastructure that will protect them from environmental threats while also promoting job growth [1, 4].


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