Jacqueline Toboroff

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenager


Jacqueline Toboroff was born and raised in Manhattan, specifically the Upper East Side. Toboroff would later attend and graduate from Parsons School of Design and New York University. After college, Toboroff would work as a fashion designer, a jewelry line owner, and a children archival album company owner (which she continues to own to this day). After seeing what she feels is a shift that is concerning, Toboroff decided to take action for herself and run for City Council.

Key Issues

Public Safety

After seeing what she feels is a huge resurgence in crime, Toboroff will work to combat this issue. Toboroff has not been a fan of the policies implemented by Democrats in politics and is not a fan of the idea of defunding the police.

Social Programs

Toboroff feels like there is too much government spending in unnecessary areas, and as a Council member, will work to cut government spending and use some of that money in key areas like law enforcement, etc.


As a Council member, Toboroff will aim to pass legislation called “the Parental Bills of Rights”. In this bill, parents would get access to curriculum passed in school, give parents the options the opt out of DOE emails and have better access to their students’ records. She is not in support of Critical Race Theory.

Environmental Reform/Climate Change

Toboroff will work to preserve parks in Manhattan from crime, garbage and drugs by using old techniques from the past and using policing to preserve parks.


As for Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, Toboroff as a city Council member will work to preserve it by not rezoning and by not bringing new shelters.


Known: NYYRC